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2016 Southwest Spring Classic Recap

April 15-17, 2016 Southlake, TX- This is a special time of year for Summer AAU basketball for two reasons: 1). The NCAA live period began earlier giving players an extra opportunity to play in front of college coaches and 2).This is the first year for a collaborative event with some of girl's basketball top programs in Texas - the Southwest Sports Alliance. It was refreshing to see organizations come together for the sake of our kids, especially in girls basketball. Texas is loaded with extraordinary, high major talent and this event was a perfect platform for them to compete against eachother. The Southwest Spring Classic took place within the Carroll Independent School District and showcased 80 teams from Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Major college conference representatives filled the sidelines. It was a joy to see improvement and growth in some of the players I hadn't evaluated since last summer. The younger talent pool (2019-2021) exceeded my expectations. Let's not forget the rising new talent that some may be sleeping on. It was Definitely a phenomenal start to summer girl's basketball.

{Below are the players evaluated from the Senior High School Division.}

Let me start with players who are improving and displayed a wealth of growth:

Chasity Patterson : CY Fair ( 2017 PG - Texas)--- was absolutely great at the PG position. Some of the best basketball I have ever witnessed her playing. She exhibited composure, utilized her quickness effectively, distributed the ball creating good ball circulation for execution, shot the ball exceptionally well, used the pick-n-roll generously giving her bigs opportunities to also be in tune offensively. Her ability to beat her defender off the dribble is still draw dropping and I must say that her IQ of the game is improving to a level that allows her to standout more and more. She played with a level of confidence that resonated leadership, and coachable.

Charli Collier: CY Fair (2018 F/C - Texas)--- her post game was off the charts! She superseded her settlement of mid-range game and stepped it up in the paint which was great to watch her use strength getting second shots, drop stepping and finishing strong. She played with a "big man's" mentality and got down and dirty off the block, rebounding, sitting big, using post footwork and her vertical quickness. She ran the floor well as we all know she is capable of doing, but man she went hard in the paint and that's what I wanted to see growth in

Zarielle Green: DFW TJack Elite (2018 G - Texas)--- she continues to get better and better. Her game is elevating at her position like no other. She runs the floor like a gazelle, shoots the ball extraordinarily well, will beat her defender off of her killer cross-over move. She fights for the ball to get second chances, she makes their transition and fast break game look so easy. I really love how she plays on both ends, and plays with such poise. She's extremely athletic and just an overall impressive player.

Chennedy Carter: DFW TJack Elite (2017 G - Texas)--- let me start by saying that if you haven't been in the weight room lately you are guaranteed to get manhandled by her. She is so freakishly stronger now at this level to the point where I can't fathom her abilities at the college and pro level. She is a beast no doubt!! She will kill you with her explosive attack to the basket not only because of her pure strength but also because stays low on the move and once she's gone, she's GONE! her quickness and first steps are unbelievable. She will leave you holding nothing but air with her combo counter moves, her ability to jump is absolutely crazy! If she continues to grow in the game I see nothing but super stardom in her future, and I'm not afraid to say a future top prospect for WNBA (our next Diana Taurasi).

Alexis Morris: DFW TJack Elite (2017 PG - Texas)--- has improved significantly at the PG position. I think its safe to say that one of her favorite players is the now Hall of Famer Allen Iverson because her game play and jersey number resembled his style. She pushed the ball well, used her ball-handling ability to create, she took to the basket at times like a thief in the night and finished with reverse lay-ups and skip to my lou whoopty whoo shots! She's quick and took good shots on the perimeter, play with intensity and confidence as a PG. I enjoyed watching her growth on the hardwood.

Jade Williams: CY Fair (2017 P - Texas)--- appeared to have put on some healthy weight that allowed her to play with a strength that I didn't take note of last year. She played well off the pick-n-roll, fought for rebounds and second shots that didn't come easy. Her presence underneath was important and helped their defense clog up opportunities from the opponents. She is still improving at an accelerated rate which will only become beneficial as the Summer continues.

Deauzya Richards: CY Fair (2017 G/F - Texas)--- athleticism is definitely very noticeable. She fought through a slow start but she cranked up the fire she performed at a high level. she sees the court absolutely with perfection sometimes making good long passes off the break. She did well with her off the dribble moves and pull up jumpers. She has ligthning speed and will beat you up the court if you get caught up picking your nose for a quick second. Her perimeter shot is still developing and if she makes it a priority to improve it, she will become even more of a threat.

Kiana Williams: SA Fnest (2017 PG - Texas)--- continues to grow at the PG at a steady rising pace. She is absolutely a great floor general comprised with poise, skills, and intelligence. Her abilities as a PG is endless, her capability to involve her teammates for big plays shows her unselfishness and team mindset. She's a coach's player that makes her a valuable asset on many levels.

Lexi Gordon: SA Finest (2017 F - Texas)--- with her 6'1" body frame she continues to be a threat on the floor partly because its a bit confusing on how to box in her true position. She can excel with her strength and with her agility. She has a good skill set and shows versatility. She can get points inside at the rim with body contact and traffic as well as out on the perimeter. She plays hard with efficiency and you can't beat that with a stick.

Ariana Whitfield: AD Elite (2017 G - Texas)--- played efficiently at the guard position. She is still shooting the ball well, she does a really good job in reading the pick-n-roll. She can penetrate hard to the basket, plays uptempo and does well off the break. The Summer season has only began but its with no reservation on my part to say that she is only going to get better and better. Keep her on the Texas radar

Jasmine Smith: AD Elite (2017 G - Texas)--- never fails to bring intensity on the court. She continues to exhibit an uptempo game, she pushes the ball up to a fine science and makes good reads off the defense. She has standout scoring ability and will finish with runner floaters all day long if you give it to her. Oh she's gonna finish it no doubt! I love her game and how well she uses her speed and quickness.

Joanne Allen - Taylor: (2018 G - Texas )--- she continues to explode up the ladder of potential with her skill set. She impresses me with her ability to finish underneath, she is perfecting her floaters releasing it up quicker and high. she can drive and dish out (to the correct open person mind you), possesses a natural ability to make smart off the dribble passes. She's physical, strong, can handle the ball, and beat you with her aggressiveness or catch you slipping, and defensively ripping you to pieces.

Eden Crow: Arkansas Mystic (2017 G - Arkansas)--- is a down home country girl who will beat you if don't respect her game. She plays extremely hard, no fear, thrives off of body contact. She will work hard to get rebounds and find ways to get second chances. A hard nose tough physical player.

Nyah Green: SA Finest (2019 G - Texas)--- I must applaud Nyah for her obvious growth as a player. Last year I watched her do more dribbling and East-West movement without executing consistently. The player I watched this past weekend has a definite elite future ahead of her if she continues to develop. She shot exceptionally well on the perimeter. she put the ball on the floor with purpose, did more North-South movement causing defense to make decisions. She is also growing physically which aides in her strength, agility, and quickness. I loved watching her play allowing the game to come and not trying to create the spectacular.

Nalyssa Smith: SA Finest (2018 G - Texas)---- has an athletic body to die for. Her ability to position herself allotted her ample opportunities to block shots and she did it effectively. She's long and moves well laterally. Good chemistry, loads of talent, and elite capability. This is only my second viewing opportunity of her but in that time span I have grown to really like her skill set and I'm looking forward to watching more.

Sophia Ramos: SA Finest (2018 G - Texas) --- plays with intensity on the court. She's fearless and will attack pushing the ball like its nothing. She is still aggressive, makes good passes. She thrives off of an uptempo game. She plays with heart and it shows on defense when she's diving for balls, going for steals, digging into her man causing excessive pressure. Great defense will get you further than most players realize!!!!

Desiree Caldwell: SA Finest (2018 PG - Texas)--- is continually developing and defining her game. She has a good skill set, she does a great job at changing speeds as a guard, I love her studder or hesitation dribble to get through traffic creating open opportunities. She can also deliver on the perimeter which makes her a triple threat.

Deja Kelly: South Texas Hoyas (2020 G - Texas)--- with having to play some tough back-to-back games in this tournament I commend the commitment and heart of Deja. She continues to display her growth at the Guard position. She is developing her skill set and it shows the dedication she will have long-term. She is getting stronger, ball-handling ability is improving. I enjoyed watching her play against older elite caliber players because it gave me a better tier range to evaluate from for myself. She's able to get to the basket, utilizes the draw-n-kick very effectively most times which establishes her IQ among players in her class. She's a fighter and her game will continue to elevate.

McKinzie Green: Texas United Nike EYBL (2019 G - Texas)--- can you say "FLASH LIGTHNING" speed?!?! I have watched McKinzie play frequently but this was the first time I picked up on just how fast she really is. Her game has come a very long way. She plays smarter offensively, and can score at will. She has the ability to steal the ball without thought, loves fast beak opportunities. When she decides to dig in and pressure the ball you don't have a chance at all. Her perimeter shot has improved significantly and will only get better as she continues to develop.

Myra Gordon: Texas United Nike EYBL (2020 G - Texas)--- I love her basketball skill ability. She has in her tool-kit the tenacity to use the quickness she encompasses to get to the basket for lay-ups gaining consistency for high-percentage two point plays. Her athletic body build is also a great contribution to her skill set. I can see her knowledge of the game growing and with that comes opportunity to be a stand-out gaining even more visibility within girls basketball.

Payton Hicks: Texas United Nike EYBL (2019 G - Texas)--- is another young player who I see improving on the court. She's a smaller guard but don't let her size fool you. She has tremendous speed and quickness, she's able to shoot the ball, and does a good job at distributing the ball. She isn't afraid to attack the paint, and pushes the ball up on the break allowing giving way to open easy lay-ups.