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Rotary Club of Beaumont

Weekly Meeting of the Rotary Club of Beaumont with LaQuita Thompson - June 23, 2021

"Small Town Dreams"


Documentary about LaQuita Thompson


Director, Producer & Editor. "Small Town Dreams."  JErnest Films Production. Documentary Short; April 2015 (5:02).


Small Town Dreams explores the life of Xtreme Heat Sports' founder and lead trainer, LaQuita Thompson. The film addresses her youth, her inspirations for her work, gender politics surrounding girls' and womens' participation in sports, and the programs she has developed to counter those barriers.


The power appeal of Thompson's message and its relevance and impact lies in the fact that the film has been chosen to screen as an Official Selection in national and international competitive film festivals. 


Film Festival Listing (April 2015 - July 2016)


Award: NAACP ACT-SO Houston, Texas Branch Gold Medal Winner


All American High School Film Festival (NY) October 2015


All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival (CA) April 2016


Arlington International Film Festival (MA) October 2015


Jakarta Intercultural School Film Festival (Jakarta, Indonesia) June 2015


Denton Black Film Festival (TX) January 2016


DMC Muslim Film Festival (GA) August 2015


Flick: The Fledgling Filmmaker’s Film Festival (PA), April 2016


Fort Worth Independent Film Festival (TX), July 2016


Gary International Black Film Festival (IN) October 2015


International Black Women's Film Festival (CA) Dec 2015- Jan 2016 (VOD)


Heart of the Pines (LA) July 2015


NAACP National ACT-SO Competition (PA) July 2015

During July 2016 Xtreme Heat's LaQuita Thompson was invited to guest star on an episode of the children's show, "So You Want to be A...? Thompson highlighted her career as a trainer and 9 Xtreme Heat trainees had the opportunity to participate in the show's taping. If we are lucky, we can look forward to watching the segment air on the Discovery Channel.

So You Want to Be a...?

LaQuita Thompson and Show Host
LaQuita Thompson and Camera Crew
LaQuita Thompson and Camera Crew
Xtreme Heat Trainees and Camera Crew
Xtreme Heat Trainees and Camera Crew
Xtreme Heat Trainees and Camera Crew
LaQuita Thompson and Show Host
Xtreme Heat Trainees

In The News...

Xtreme Heat's LaQuita Thompson assists a client at the YMCA in Ft. Bend County, Texas. The Fort Bend Star January 14, 2015:1.

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