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Keys to stay healthy for 2016

Workplace Wellness (Total health & wellness)


The Affordable Health Care will make the average working person without health insurance provided by their employers be more concerned and aware of their health.

This year families are going to have to learn to read food labels, grocery shop smarter and prepare foods at home for all meals.

Then, the family will have to learn how to package cold foods and hot foods to keep them from spoiling to take to school and work.

In 2016 employers are going to focus on workplace wellness.

This will reduce the cost of obesity, diabetes, cancer, and mental health treatments on the employer.

To stay healthy for 2016 the focus should be on making a lifestyle change to include more vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and complex carbohydrates.

The choice to go vegetarian and fast one or two days and daily exercise is very beneficial to overweight and obese individuals because it will reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Setting Goals The lifestyle change starts with setting short term and long term goals and being an informed consumer.

There are many people with food allergies that trigger an immune response from foods with gluten and it can make them sick or make their allergies worse.

Check out this great article on gluten free and vegetarian meals. Here

Yolanda Stevens BS in Nutrition and Dietetics

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