Eddie and Thelma Lewis Scholarship Foundation

Annual Camp in Morton, Texas

Scheduled throughout the year

The small group skills intensives are Boot camp style clinics that challenge athletes' conditioning and strength. It's a one day event that is high intensity and focuses on building endurance and mental toughness.

The intensives are age appropriate for both boys and girls.

By Appointment

These sessions are catered to each player. The exercises, drills, evaluations, and curriculum are based on the strength and weaknesses of the individual. Each session focuses on the basic fundamentals of the game and progresses as the player grows and develops.

School Teams and AAU Teams

Team training sessions will incorporate the fundamentals of the game including team concepts, and the teams specific needs. The sessions are designed to help teams develop together working with the philosophy already established by the coaches and board members of the organization.

Girl Power United

Events Across the U.S.

An international movement raising the awareness of girls in sports. The focus is to strengthen the self esteem and confidence of young girls around the world and acknowledge their abilities across the board from sports to education to entrepreneurship. 


We offer sports specific training for individuals looking to get faster, and stronger becoming a more efficient player maximizing theirs talent on the field or court.

Our philosophy of training is "proper movement and technique is everything".

In order to get faster, or stronger you first have to learn how to fuel and train your body In-season and Off-season. Training packages are designed based on the needs of the individual to help them reach the level of success they are capable of attaining.


Shooting Camps, Ball Handling Camps

​​Camps are conducted by a knowledgeable and professional staff focusing on individual improvement. Staff members include Xtreme Heat Staff, College athletes, coaches, visits from the NBA, WNBA, NFL and various partners.​We do Team/Club Camps, Private Clinics, Fundamental Camps, Training Sessions for Basketball, US Football, Flag Football, Cheerleading, etc...


Program incorporating sports and life teaching. Partnering with local Dance Company, the program helps young girls become VICTORIOUS, INDEPENDENT, PEOPLE.

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