Xtreme Heat Sports was established to provide adequate sports training for young aspiring athletes of all backgrounds and level of experiences.

About Our Team
Xtreme Heat Sports (XHS) was established in 2007 to provide adequate basketball training and personal development for young, aspiring athletes of all backgrounds and levels of experience.
Each member of our team assists players, teaching them how to maximize their talents. Our purpose is to equip athletes with the confidence and skills necessary to be successful in sports and academics and empower them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
XHS is committed to aid in the development of the youth across the world, already meeting the challenge through trainings conducted in Switzerland and Australia in addition to various states in the U.S.
We are successful because we specialize in motivating and inspiring children to use their talents and abilities to achieve whatever goals they have in life.



Xtreme Heat Sports Management LLC

P.O. Box 331467

Houston, Texas 77233


phone: 001 832 407 1082

email: info@xtremeheatsportsmgnt.net

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