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Here are some of our affiliations and partnerships. We're all working and striving together to strengthen our schools, families, and communities. 

Tamar Entertainment


Tamar Entertainment Incorporated was founded in 2001 by two minority women, Mary Terry Wiley and Sheryl Holland, with a desire to address the social and psychological issues facing women today. It is our desire to help not only women but young people not only to look at their own personal situations, but also universal situations and emotional strongholds. We know for certain that an individual when given the tools to protect and foster supportive and safe environments for themselves and their families can make positive contributions to their communities.

Mary Wiley's workshop during camp

Mary Terry Wiley


 is a motivational speaker who catches her audience off guard with the truth. A registered nurse in the area of psychiatry, Ms. Wiley has a nursing degree from the University of Memphis. 


Phat Barz Records


Independent Record label

Directed by Troy Barnett

Their purpose is to progress the public awareness of the importance of the Arts in our youth's educational endeavors and to empower through the fundamental tools and principle of musicianship  to succeed in life - regardless of their personal career choices.


John Lucas Enterprises

John Lucas retired American professional basketball player & coach. (NBA) Founder of John Lucas Enterprises. Houston, TX

JErnest Media 

Videography, Photography and Video Editing.

Producer, Director and Editor of "Small Town Dreams". 

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