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2015 John Lucas 40/40 Combine - Girls Recap

Girls are becoming stronger, more agile and quicker and because of their growth the game of basketball on the girls side is getting much faster and withstands more body contact. Girls are beginning to develop skills on the court that normally only boys possess but the expansion and their exposure to the game now is helping to grow a very large market with girls’ basketball.

The JLE 40/40 camp exemplifies where the game is headed for girls.

The gym was filled with girls from across the country representing roughly 19 different states, including Canada and the District of Columbia. The girls entered the gym ready to work hard and learn from one of the greatest basketball Legends in the industry with Coach Lucas. Some of the top 100 ESPNw ranked players were present and ready to compete at the highest capacity against each other.

Never in my life have I witnessed such an overflow of girls ready to get on the court and get to work.

Their level of energy in one on one was exceptional, their execution of the floaters and strong finishes was astounding, their overall IQ and understanding of the game was impressive, the competition in the games was powerful and their eagerness to learn and passion to play was inspirational. It was a great viewing opportunity for all the National scouts; enabling them to get a true evaluation of the players listed.

Photo Credit: BlueStar Media

Let’s take a look at some of the girls and their highlighted skills over the weekend: Jayla Everett – (MO, 2018) has a High IQ of the game. She is a very athletic wing at 5’8” and an All-Around player. She’s able to handle the ball with confidence, slashes in transition and in half court play.

Mckinzie Green- (TX, 2019) Jet quick PG, handles ball on a string, tough defender, has great court vision and makes easy passes, a good floor general, good range with jumper, can create and get to the paint without a screen at will.

Shalexxus Aaron- (WA, 2017) long athletic 6’1” Forward, good soft lands, High IQ, rebounds well in traffic, has a descent shot, good ball-handling for her size, able to create and can get to the paint, runs the floor well, understands how to score off of the pick and roll. A sleeper who caught the eyes of all the scouts and coaches in the gym.

Brooklyn Mitchell- (LA, 2018) quick, explosive, savvy, good finisher, a dominant player on the floor every time she gets on. Could potentially get a high major D1 opportunity.

Lacee Savage- (TX, 2017) catch and shooter, able to play multiple positions but stands out at the forward position at 5’11”.

Grace Daniels – (TX, 2017) strong, physical small forward, can push it in transition and get the ball to the open spots down the floor, capable scorer.

Kennedy Middleton – (VA, 2018) combo player, ball-handler, nice mid-range, able to create for teammates.

Ariyanna Williams – (NC, 2017) great vision, high motor, able to create opportunities to score, combo player.

Kyla McIntosh – (OK, 2017) quick PG, good change of speed, defender, team player and able to help those around her get better.

Chennedy Carter - (TX, 2017) athletic, strong, good guard ball handling skills, good defender, up-tempo player, can finish with contact, very good performance.

Alexis Morris – (TX, 2017) very good PG, a hard nose defender, does a great job in denying the ball and cutting off the lanes, distribution of the ball is good, ball-handling, can attack the paint, can knock down the mid-range shots, plays with confidence.

Breanna Beal – (IL, 2019) a skilled position 4, protects the rim, can also step up and shoot, nice quickness, and has time to grow into a great athlete.

Elizabeth Scott – (TX, 2019) a powerful prospect, very physical, good mid-range, loves contact. Impressive player with a good collegiate career in the horizon if she continues to work hard.

Cameron Swartz – (GA, 2018) athletic wing, very active on the defensive end, gets a lot of deflections that leads to steals, drives the ball well, has good mid-range and descent 3pt shooting.

Jahquell Robinson – (LA, 2017) PG that sees the floor well, very good passing, good IQ, great in transition offense, good decision maker.

Payton Hicks – (TX, 2019) nice range shooter, average ball-handling, moves without the ball well making it easier to get to the open spots on the court for good looks for 3pt shots.

Madisen Smith – (SC, 2018) PG, good floor leader, can score almost at will, changes the pace of the game, good solid defense, unselfish player with good court vision.

Maxine Moore – (TX, 2018) SF, a vocal player, active on the boards, has soft touch on shot after strong moves to the basket, can shoot the 3pt and makes good shooting decisions, great anticipation, finds the open spots well, plays with intensity, has good endurance on the court.

Jordan Isaacs – (GA, 2019) good offensive rebounder.

Joanne Allen Taylor – (TX, 2018) pretty good handles but still needs to go left more, hustler on the court 95% of the time, consistent shot, unselfish with the ball, runs the floor well, good defender, very coachable.

Demi Washington – (NC, 2019) very aggressive player on both ends of the court, consistent, a good finisher.

Naomi House – (IN, 2016) good ball-handler especially under pressure, able to create scoring opportunities, good floor leader and able to carry a team, coachable.

Victoria Gonzales – (TX, 2018) high energy player, descent ball-handling, consistent on the court.

Tehya Lyons – (GA, 2018) great speed, good ball-handling, solid defender, good IQ of the game, has room for improvement on her jump-shot.

Alexis Mann – (GA, 2017) nice size, runs the floor, good rebounder, defender, smart player.

Morgan Bennett – (TX, 2016) solid defense, good jump-shot, good ball-handling, high IQ of the game, good decision maker.

Megan Walker – (VA, 2017) Megan proved why she is ranked #1 in the country in her class, she is a solid defender, great body frame and use of her strength, great athlete with the ability to make plays for herself and teammates, elite skill level, nice jumper, finishes well in traffic, plays with control on both ends of the court, a scorer.

Mckenna Haire – (NC, 2017) energetic, very effective 3pt. shooter, stays in tune to the game, plays with intensity, good defender.

Nadia Fingall – (FL, 2016) strong rebounder, good post moves, ability to hit mid-range jumper.

Myra Gordon – (TX, 2019) inside/out player, aggressive, smart and efficient distributer of the ball.

Natalie Kelly – (LA, 2018) descent shooter, nice size, could develop into a solid 4/5 player, solid low post presence, pretty good ball-handler.

Ryan Bush – (TX, 2017) good defender, strong lefty driver to the rim, nice mid-range shot.

Aaliyah Wilson – (OK, 2016) college ready body, very athletic and versatile player, pure 3pt. shot, quick, combo guard, attacks under pressure, plays with intensity and likes an up-tempo style of play, good handles, can handle contact, good elevation on shot.

Janelle Bailey – (NC, 2017) runs the floor well, rebounder, strong build for a strong presence.

Zarielle Green – (TX, 2018) attacks the paint, dictates on defense, long athletic build, quick, great potential, mid-range shot, plays with intensity, ball-handling can improve.

Jasmine Williams – (TX, 2016) very athletic, tough, competes, has the ability to get to the basket, agile, utilizes quickness.

Deja Kelly – (TX, 2019) confident floor leader, consistent, does well on the defensive end, good dribble drive execution.

Lyndsey Whilby – (GA, 2017) consistent offensively, reads and attacks under control, mid-range game, good off the dribble, makes plays, finishes in traffic.

Jaelyn Richard-Harris – (TX, 2016) active player, mid-range shot, quickness, good elevation, makes an impact on the court, plays with fire, a competitor.

Jasmine Smith – (TX, 2018) athletic combo guard, descent ball-handling, good passer, high energy player, quick release on shot, mid-range game but can extend to the arc.

Kysre Gondrezick – (MI, 2016) combo guard, good body control off the dribble, deceptively quick, finishes in traffic, has a smooth stroke, good distributer of the basketball.

Charli Collier – (TX, 2018) strong interior, attacks rim, can initiate transition up the floor, shot blocker, has good hands, good footwork and agile, nice face up game, lateral quickness is very noticeable, she is the #1 prospect in the class 2018.

Chyna Nixon – (VA, 2017) a defender, high energy player, finishes in traffic, athletic, good in transition and can execute, quick first step off the dribble.

Chasity Patterson (TX, 2017) extremely athletic, an offensive threat especially behind the arc, attacks and distributes, explosive, quick, floor leader, converts in transition, high energy player, quick first step, defender, huge impact on the court, basketball IQ, a tough competitor on both ends of the floor.

Sedona Prince (TX, 2018) great size, agile, good footwork, shot blocker, a good mobile player, good low post player, rebounder, gets the ball out for fast break, good defender in the paint, elite among her class.

Jamilyn Robinson – (LA, 2018) good shooter, strong, finishes in traffic, runs the floor well, ran a 3.4 court speed test, has some descent post moves.

Mallory Odell – (VA, 2017) extremely athletic, gets the ball out quick, aggressive inside/out, nice soft shooter, strong, plays well with contact, high IQ.

Lexi Gordon – (TX, 2017) athletic, ball-handling is good, attacks in transition and can score in traffic, mid-range game, nice length on perimeter.

Marissa Banfield – (TX, 2017) an athletic emerging PG, great 3pt. shooting range, handles, attacks the paint, good distributer of the ball, still developing a mid-range game, high IQ.

Highlights of the 2015 Combine

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