2015 John Lucas 40/40 Combine - Girls Recap

Girls are becoming stronger, more agile and quicker and because of their growth the game of basketball on the girls side is getting much faster and withstands more body contact. Girls are beginning to develop skills on the court that normally only boys possess but the expansion and their exposure to the game now is helping to grow a very large market with girls’ basketball.

The JLE 40/40 camp exemplifies where the game is headed for girls.

The gym was filled with girls from across the country representing roughly 19 different states, including Canada and the District of Columbia. The girls entered the gym ready to work hard and learn from one of the greatest basketball Legends in the industry with Coach Lucas. Some of the top 100 ESPNw ranked players were present and ready to compete at the highest capacity against each other.

Never in my life have I witnessed such an overflow of girls ready to get on the court and get to work.

Their level of energy in one on one was exceptional, their execution of the floaters and strong finishes was astounding, their overall IQ and understanding of the game was impressive, the competition in the games was powerful and their eagerness to learn and passion to play was inspirational. It was a great viewing opportunity for all the National scouts; enabling them to get a true evaluation of the players listed.

Photo Credit: BlueStar Media

Let’s take a look at some of the girls and their highlighted skills over the weekend: Jayla Everett – (MO, 2018) has a High IQ of the game. She is a very athletic wing at 5’8” and an All-Around player. She’s able to handle the ball with confidence, slashes in transition and in half court play.

Mckinzie Green- (TX, 2019) Jet quick PG, handles ball on a string, tough defender, has great court vision and makes easy passes, a good floor general, good range with jumper, can create and get to the paint without a screen at will.

Shalexxus Aaron- (WA, 2017) long athletic 6’1” Forward, good soft lands, High IQ, rebounds well in traffic, has a descent shot, good ball-handling for her size, able to create and can get to the paint, runs the floor well, understands how to score off of the pick and roll. A sleeper who caught the eyes of all the scouts and coaches in the gym.

Brooklyn Mitchell- (LA, 2018) quick, explosive, savvy, good finisher, a dominant player on the floor every time she gets on. Could potentially get a high major D1 opportunity.

Lacee Savage- (TX, 2017) catch and shooter, able to play multiple positions but stands out at the forward position at 5’11”.

Grace Daniels – (TX, 2017) strong, physical small forward, can push it in transition and get the ball to the open spots down the floor, capable scorer.

Kennedy Middleton – (VA, 2018) combo player, ball-handler, nice mid-range, able to create for teammates.

Ariyanna Williams – (NC, 2017) great vision, high motor, able to create opportunities to score, combo player.

Kyla McIntosh – (OK, 2017) quick PG, good change of speed, defender, team player and able to help those around her get better.