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5 key steps to take in order to attain a fitbody and live a long lasting healthy lifestyle

This is the time of year when everyone begins to make plans and set goals to start off on the right track for the new year. The problem with it is most will lose focus and motivation by a month or two into the "new plan". The training regimen starts to decline, eating habits get out of control and finally there's no plan at all. So how can a trainer help an individual stick with their fitness plan and get results. There are a few key steps in helping clients get on track and stay on track while getting the results to live a healthier lifestyle. Perfecting all of the following steps along with connecting with our clients is what has made our training at Xtreme Heat Sports Management such an amazing experience. Step 1: Define Goals: you must clearly define what the fitness goals are, what is it that you would like to accomplish. A trainer can help a client set these goals, realistic goals that are attainable with a goal start date and a time frame in which these goals should be met. Goal setting is very import at the beginning, it sets the plan in motion and allows the client to see the "vision"and accept responsibility and accountability for their overall plan. This also gives a trainer an opportunity to be a motivator and give important information about exercise, nutrition, and get to know who the client is so that the teamwork can begin. Step 2: Evaluation: This step is important because you need to know where you are before you can figure out where you're going. Filling out proper paperwork, questionnaires, Par-Q, any doctor release forms. Testing areas of the body for strength, flexibility, endurance, Heart rate training zone, measurements, imbalances, joint or bone issues and etc...A trainer can set the program based on this evaluation, all programs should be designed to fit the client. Step 3: Prepare the Program: Once you've set realistic, attainable goals, completed an evaluation now you can prepare the program. Preparing the program means setting up the exercises that will benefit their body and goals, theFrequency(how often you will be training)-Intensity(how hard are you going to work)-Time(how long are you going to train)-Type(what are you going to be doing in training). Its recommended to do aerobic activity, working your cardiovascular system, 3-4 times weekly for at least 30 mins. and in strength training its recommended to do 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps. All programs should be designed with the client in mind never forgetting that you're not training muscle groups but people.

Step 4: Implement the Program: Now its time to stat the program, put it to work. The first 24 days are very crucial and probably the hardest to get through. Its always good to keep a log of the sessions and make changes as they are needed. Always pay attention to body movements and technique and fix things along the way. This is also teaching time. You want to educate the clients as well as train them, the more they know and understand the better motivated they will become and the harder they will work and the more sessions they will want from you. Be creative in the program , using a variety of tools like TRX, Medicine Balls, sandbags, Resistance Bands, Kinetic Bands and body weight. You can also mix up how you do the reps and sets or timed sets and reps. Challenge their bodies. Have good programs for burning fat and building muscle. Also have fun with them, keep them smiling and motivate them to keep going, push them beyond the limits they set for themselves. Its also a good idea to keep an eating log so that clients can see what their eating habits are. Its funny how when they look at on paper it changes their outlook and begin to want to take the necessary steps to improve in that area. I always have them log their food patterns with their emotional patterns and show them how the two are connected....

Step 5: Re-evaluation: Every 4-6 weeks there should be a re-evaluation period. This helps guide you to check on the progress, what changes need to take place or additions. Measurements, endurance testing, strength testing, and etc....Timeline, are you on point with your goals, have you reached a plateau and changes need to be made to the program. This is a key step, always need check and balances in any work-out program...

With these 5 steps in place you can't go wrong with training and keeping clients. Another important step would be to stay knowledgeable in the training field, know the trends, newest styles and equipment, stay current. Also always be prepared by having a rate sheet and contracts ready for your new clients, have all the forms needed for your evaluation and testing. Keep your trainer's certificate and insurance current, stay professional. Be available and flexible with your schedule.


Xtreme Heat Sports Management is focused on helping our clients develop a healthy mind, body, and spirit. If you're looking for good trainers send us a comment or email and we'll set you up with your FREE consultation and your FIRST FREE SESSION.......

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