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How Good Is Your Workout?

You're huffing and puffing and you finally break a sweat.

It feels like you are working your tail feathers off but is it enough?

More importantly is it too much?

One way to determine that you're burning enough calories and getting the high-intensity, low-impact workout is through your breathing. Listen to your breathing:

you should be breathing hard but not so hard that you cannot speak. For a good aerobic workout, you should be within your target heart rate zone- a range that is between 60-85 percent of the maximum number of beats your heart can produce. Just becaue your heart rate increases slightly doesn't mean you've reached your target zone or are getting a good workout.

Easiest and most accurate way to determine whether you're getting the most from your workout is to determine your target heart rate zone.

Below is a formula that experts recommend: subtract your age from 220 and then multiply that number by 0.6 to get the low number for your range;

then subtract your age from 220 and multiply by 0.85 to get the high number for your range: (220 - age) X 0.6 = low number for range; (220 - age) X 0.85 = high number for your range.

Everything within those two numbers is your target heart rate zone.

If it's too low, you're not exercising hard enough and if its too high slow down your workout. To calculate your heartbeat, use your index finger and middle fingers to measure the pulse at your wrist.

Count the number of beats for 10 seconds and mulitply by 6. But be quick, your heart rate drops immediately when you stop exercising for as little as 10 seconds.

****** DO NOT USE YOUR THUMB, since it has its own powerful pulse( which will differ from your wrist's)


Looking for a good trainer?

contact Xheat , all trainers are certified.


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