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Empowerment through sports

it's a movement....


Girls' Power is an international initiative that is thriving to capture the inspiration of girls of all cultural backgrounds to pursue greatness through the use of sports.

Girls' Power is a creative way to incorporate sports and life teaching.

The Girls' Power initiative helps girls and young women overcome challenges faced to participate in sports, it creates new skill sets, it builds a safe support environment, it focuses on self-worth and awareness while also building life-long leadership skills. Lastly, it bridges the gap of international barriers.


Girls' Power offers visibility and is yet another outlet to learn about equality and the right to be active. Our goal is to spread the movement of girls empowerment through sports across the world. You can help continue the growth and awarness of our program through your generous support of purchasing a Girls' Power t-shirt. 


We welcome you to join the movement and let's be a voice for girls everywhere.

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